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VIDEO: Centennial Olympic Park Fountain in Atlanta, Georgia

    The Centennial Olympic Park fountain in downtown Atlanta, Georgia was constructed in preparation for the 1996 Summer Olympics. At its centerpiece are five Olympic circles embedded in the pavement, from which waters spout in syncopation with songs such as Chariots of Fire and Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon. The…

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There’s Still a Bit of Old China Left in Glitzy New Shanghai

Shanghai has a scintillating skyline, a thriving economy verging on capitalism, and a nouveau-riche citizenry that dresses in the most fashionable attire and owns the latest electronic gadgets, but to a large degree it has lost its Chinese soul. Except for the thousands of Chinese who choke its streets and sidewalks, Shanghai could…

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Florida’s Babcock Wilderness, Where Man and Nature Live in Harmony

Trinkets and souvenirs rarely interest me when I travel, but I find it almost impossible to pass by a farm stand selling local honey. Each of the half dozen varieties lining my kitchen shelves has a particular use: a thick, full-bodied Blackberry honey from the Virginia hills is best drizzled over fresh fruit,…

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This Superman Really Is Bulletproof

Beneath the I-24 exit sign for Metropolis, Illinois, a second sign read “giant Superman statue.” I’d been driving for five hours by this time and was hoping to make it to Atlanta before dark, but my curiosity got the better of me. I just had to find out more about that statue. Whipping…

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Making Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True! It’s been a two-year long journey but my unswerving commitment to remake myself as a travel writer is beginning to pay off. I have been hired by UpTake.com as a freelance travel writer for their “Attractions” blog. UpTake is a travel search and discovery site that helps users make informed…

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