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Artists from Around the World Sketch my Photo of a Traditional Penang Shophouse in Malaysia

Here’s something new and fun and (for me) very exciting. A few days ago I received an email from Leslie Parsons (@montrealsketcher), an artist from Montreal. “I have a strange request for you,” he said. “A popular urban sketcher from Malaysia found an image on Pinterest that he wanted all the other urban…

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The Ninety Art Galleries of the Stockholm Metro

At first blush, Stockholm was a pleasant place to spend a week. I began in its medieval Old Town, known locally as Gamla Stan, where I visited the Royal Palace and Stortorget, the oldest square in Stockholm. I toured the spectacular City Hall. Built of eight million bricks, this remarkable building is the…

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Israeli Art: Best Hope for Healing the Fragmented Jewish Identity

I slipped off my shoes and stepped over the threshold of the Barbur Gallery. Tucked into the backstreets of a residential neighborhood, with a community garden at its side, it hardly seemed like a hotbed of political activity. This avant-garde gallery, the first of its kind in Jerusalem, hosts film screenings, plays, Israeli…

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Zagreb, Croatia – Where Life Imitates Art

I was being watched. I was certain of it. Each time the hairs on the back of my neck prickled, I spun around to confront my stalker, only to find empty space. Zagreb, in fact, was virtually empty. Just a few days earlier, I had been in the gorgeous coastal town of Rovinj,…

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The Art of Cuban Culture

His real name is José Fuster, but in the hood he’s known as the “Picasso del Caribe.” It was easy to see how he got the nickname Picasso of the Caribbean. From the top floor of Proyecto Fuster, I gaped at acre upon acre of art that Fuster had created, using millions of…

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Art in Paradise

The term ‘Thai art’ is something of an oxymoron in modern days. Centuries ago, craftsmen produced stunning sculptures, wood carvings, and paintings that illustrate Buddhist texts or honor Buddha, but other than a few artists who are combining traditional Thai elements with modern techniques, contemporary art in Thailand is comprised largely of production…

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