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Eye Candy Aside, Miami Beach Bears Little Resemblance to CSI Miami

Most of the time I arrive at a destination without preconceived notions, but Miami Beach was steeped in expectation. Thanks to the popular TV show, CSI Miami, I imagined exquisitely preserved art deco architecture, tropical weather, oiled body-builders with rippling muscles, exuberant Latin culture, and colors vivid enough to make your eyeballs hurt….

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Tour of the Chicago Board of Trade Building Combines Architecture and Commodities Trading

The meaning of the term “skyscraper” has changed dramatically over the centuries. Originally a nautical term referring to a tall mast or main sail on a sailing ship, the word was first used to describe buildings when the ten-story steel-framed Home Insurance Building was constructed in Chicago in 1885. Although later demolished, the…

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Art Deco On The Go

I came across this old convertible the other day while walking between my house and downtown Sarasota and it was so unique that I just HAD to snap a few photos. Pretty trippy! Only in Florida….

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