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On My Way Home

I am sitting at the airport in Lisbon, Portugal, waiting to board my plane. This trip has been a wonderful adventure for me over the past six months. I don’t know why I was so driven to do it; I only know that it was extremely important for me. Perhaps I was feeling…

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Three Words For Portugal

It may be unfair of me to pick three words that define all of Portugal, since I only visited a tiny part of the northern coast, so I’ll say that the following three words define the coastal resort areas of Portugal: Sunny: Practically perfect weather, mid-eighties during the day with gentle breezes and…

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New Shoes And Walking – A Tough Combo in Cascais, Portugal

I’ve got packing down to an exact science. For this six month trip I carried only a small backpack and a carry-on size (22″) rolling suitcase. So I had to choose every article with great care. One of the most difficult decisions when traveling light is what shoes to pack, simply because they…

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Lazy Days In Cascais, Portugal

My incredible luck has not failed me as I near the end of my six month around-the-world journey. For my last ten days I have chosen Cascais Portugal because I have long wanted to come here, and Cascais specifically for its beaches. Somehow, I just knew I would be tired at this point…

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Thoughts on Traveling Long Term

I arrived in Portugal following a nightmare 13 hour travel day where everything that could go wrong did go wrong, including nearly being throw off an Italian train over a seat assignment, a flight that was an hour late, and getting lost at night between the airport and the rail station in Lisbon…

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Three Words For Italy

The three words for Italy that best describe the country are, in my opinion: Historic: Culture, art and history are everywhere; a feast for the eyes and for the soul Passionate: From the cadence of spoken Italian to the lovers on the streets, Italians are passionate about everything

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