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Dumbest Moments In Travel for 2009

Travel Insights 100, a panel of travel experts selected by UpTake.com (the travel search engine that helps travelers decide where to go, where to stay, or what to do) were recently asked to name the dumbest moments in travel during 2009 (author’s update: Uptake.com subsequently shut down operations and sold their site to…

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American Airlines One-Way AAdvantage Frequent Flier Fares Now Available

      American Airlines one-way AAdvantage Frequent Flier fares are now available to book when redeeming miles in their AAdvantage frequent flier rewards program. New One-Way Flex Awards are offered at exactly half of the round-trip rate. The benefits of the new program include: Customers can now book a one-way trip, a…

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With Airfares Dropping, It May Pay To Rebook

Airfares have been dropping like a rock, with new specials being announced every day. Aside from the obvious money saving benefits, industry experts are offering two bits of advice that bear passing on: First, if you have already purchased airfare for this fall, check into re-booking. Normally, excessive change fees would wipe out…

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Keep Frequent Flier Miles From Expiring

When I traveled around the world for six months in 2007, I racked up more than 80,000 frequent flier miles with USAirways. Since returning all of my travel has been by car, so I haven’t had an opportunity to redeem any of my mileage. Recently I discovered that USAirways frequent filer miles expire…

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USAirways – An American Company To Be Proud Of

On occasion I have written about things that I consider indicative of the “Failing of America” – usually companies that have lost touch with their customers’ needs and desires or have forgotten what customer service is about. In these cases there is usually a lot of finger pointing going on – blaming someone/something…

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