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Words of Gratitude from a Grateful Recovering Alcoholic

You will forgive me if stray from my normal travel narrative, but I recently passed an important milestone in my life and I feel compelled to write about it. On January 24th, I celebrated my 20th anniversary of being clean and sober. It is difficult to remember how horrible my life was back…

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American Airlines One-Way AAdvantage Frequent Flier Fares Now Available

      American Airlines one-way AAdvantage Frequent Flier fares are now available to book when redeeming miles in their AAdvantage frequent flier rewards program. New One-Way Flex Awards are offered at exactly half of the round-trip rate. The benefits of the new program include: Customers can now book a one-way trip, a…

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A Very Surreal, Clean and Sober Anniversary

It was my anniversary yesterday. On January 24, 1996 I walked into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, and that was the last time I ever had a drink or used drugs. The day was a little surreal for me. In some ways it felt like I just got clean and sober yesterday; in…

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Finding Strength in Adversity

I am WAS depressed. For the last few days I have felt myself spiraling down into the depths of depression. I have no idea what sets it off. It doesn’t seem to happen for any particular reason or occur at regular intervals. I begin to question the endlessness of it all. I ask…

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