Win the Trip of a Lifetime with the Mongol Rally

Donate $5 to the Mongol Rally for Your Chance to Win the Trip of a Lifetime

Fellow travel bloggers Sherry Ott from Ottsworld and Meet Plan Go fame; Rick Griffin of Midlife Road Trip TV; and Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil from The Planet D are embarking on a 10,000 mile journey this summer in the Mongol Rally, during which they will drive a car from from London, England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Traditional ger on the Mongolian steppes

Although the foursome has secured a car, they are now looking to raise money for the $4,000 in fuel costs required to drive one third of the way around the world. To do so they have teamed with Intrepid Travel to raffle off a Trip of a Lifetime between now and midnight on June 12th, PST. Participants who donate $5 will be entered into a random draw that will be held the following week.

The Rules are Simple

  • Enter the Rally Raffle at The Social Media Syndicate
  • Donate $5 US to be automatically entered into the drawing. The more you give, the more chances you get.
  • For every $5 that you donate, your name will be entered. Increase your odds of winning by donating $25 and you have 5 chances to win!
  • The Rally Raffle runs until Midnight PST on June 12th.
  • The winner will be chosen in a random draw and announced the following week.

The Prize is Your Choice

The winner will choose from one of two incredible tours courtesy of Intrepid Travel.

Wild Mongolia – This 15 day trip will take in the sights of the country’s capital Ulaanbaatar before heading out for your great adventure. You will be staying in Ger Camps, hiking volcanoes and enjoying Mongolian barbecues. Follow the footsteps of Genghis Kahn and take a camel ride into the desert sand dunes of Khogno Khan.

Inca Trail – This 8 day trip takes the winner through Peru. Starting in Lima you will spend the day exploring the historic center of the city. Then it’s off to the charming city of Cuzco in the center of the country. Explore the Sacred Valley and the ancient city of Ollantaytambo before beginning your trek on the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Voted as one of the new Seven World Wonders, this is a trip you will never forget.

Since 2004, the Mongol Rally has raised over £1.5 million for charity. Each team is asked to raise a minimum £1,000, at least £500 of which goes to the official rally charity, the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. The remainder of the funds will make a massive difference to the lives of some of the poorest people in Mongolia. Additionally, the team will be donating their car to a local charity at the end of the rally.

Intrepid Travel cares about the environment and will be donating carbon offsets for the fuel of the car. Not only will entrants be helping the team transport their car to a deserving community in Mongolia, they will be making up for fuel consumption by offsetting the team’s carbon emissions.

6 Comments on “Donate $5 to the Mongol Rally for Your Chance to Win the Trip of a Lifetime

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  4. Barbara – thanks so much for putting out this post and letting your audience know about our raffle and our road trip to Mongolia!  It’s all coming up so fast now it’s leaving my head spinning!  Very excited to get on the road!!
    Thanks again for all of your support and thanks to your audience for entering!

  5. Lets here it for Mongolia!  It is going to be hard explaining to coworkers why I would go to Mongolia, even if I won a trip there.

  6. Mongolia, Mongolia, Mongolia, here I come.  My five bucks is riding on Mongolia !  Thanks, Barb !

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