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Superbreak Hotel Booking App for iPhone is European Answer to HotelPal

A while back I wrote about HotelPal, the great iPhone app that lets you find last minute accommodations based on your current location and budget. Now a similar tool, the Superbreak iPhone App, is available for Europe.

The application allows users to search for a hotel by date, location, or specific hotel name, and searches can also be conducted using geo-code technology, allowing customers to find hotels near their current location. All 7,000 of Superbreak’s UK and European hotels can be booked through the app and it can handle the whole booking process from start to finish.

Search settings on the iPhone app

Property Information

Although I have not personally tested the app (I haven’t been in Europe recently), the screen shots of the app are so similar to those in HotelPal that I have little doubt it functions in quite the same manner, although search results will certainly be dependent upon the properties that have agreed to participate. To satisfy myself that the company has an adequate number of participating hotels, I went to their website,, and searched for accommodations in central London for tomorrow night. It quickly returned 81 hotels, priced from lowest to highest, with the lowest being 35 Pounds ($56 U.S.).

The Superbreak iPhone application can be downloaded for free at the iTunes store.

6 Comments on “Superbreak Hotel Booking App for iPhone is European Answer to HotelPal

  1. Happy New Year, Barbara! Thanks for the heads up on this iPhone app. I hadn’t heard about it yet.

  2. I think I’ll wait until Macworld next month to see what other goodies Apple has coming out. I really want an iPod touch with a mic and speaker, would make the perfect Skype phone.

  3. Shoot! Didn’t work on my 1rst gen. iPod touch. I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on an iPhone to try this app out.

    • Anil: So, you’re finally going to break down ad get the iPhone, huh? I knew you couldn’t resist forever.

  4. Do you know if this app will work for other smart phones? This looks like a valuable resource for European travelers.

    • Donna: As far as I know, it’s only an iPhone app, and the info was sent to me by the developer, so I suspect they would have disclosed if it worked with anything else. But I really believe that smart phones will continue to dominate and app developers will pretty quickly adapt for other cell phones.

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