Symptoms of heart attacks

Heart To Heart

When I was 27, I purchased my very first home. It was an old house that needed a lot of work and my Mom was the first one to pitch in. She arrived with toolbox in hand and started helping me tear out an old plaster and lathe wall. Later that day she began to feel sick. She broke out in a cold sweat and said she just needed to take a cool bath. I was worried, but I ran the bath and helped her get in the tub. The bath didn’t help much but Mom insisted she just needed to lie down, so I helped her get to the bedroom and put her to bed. By this time she was so weak she could barely walk. I suggested we call the doctor but she refused, again insisting that she would be OK if she could just rest.

Thankfully, my friend Mary just happened to be visiting that particular weekend and she convinced me to call an ambulance, despite my mother’s objections. Mom was having a heart attack. I missed all the signs, and if it weren’t for Mary, my Mom might well have died that day.

Illustration courtesy of St. Jude Medical

Illustration courtesy of St. Jude Medical

Recently, I came across this wonderful new informational website from St. Jude Medical that provides a wealth of information and videos about the heart. The following link specifically discusses heart attacks, describing the conditions, its symptoms, and treatment options. Since heart attacks are the number one cause of death for men and women all over the world, it is well worth the few minutes required to watch it: Angioplasty You can find out more about the heart by browsing through their interactive heart video library at their home page:

I’m happy to report that Mom lived many, many more years, even though she had a heart condition that eventually required her to have an implanted device that regulated her heartbeat. In the end, it was cancer that took her from us. But I could have lost her so many years earlier. I hope everyone will take just a few moments to watch the heart attack video and become familiar with the condition and symptoms of a heart attack. Additionally, please forward this site to a friend or family member that might benefit from this information. It could mean the difference between keeping and losing someone who is dear to you.

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